Tips for Building a Great Playground

Tips for Building a Great Playground

We understand that building a playground may seem intimidating – it’s a big project with a lot of responsibilities. The first step in making this job easier is to have communities work together; after all, the playground will be an asset to the entire community. Here are some tips on how to build a playground:
  • Determine the playground location, keeping in mind safety and convenience for the entire neighborhood.

  • Make sure you know who owns the playground land, and obtain the necessary approvals from the landowner.

  • Check your local zoning and building codes and work with your school district to find out any policies that might affect the playground.

  • Plan a volunteer meeting and establish your volunteer resources and skills.

  • Set a goal date for completion.

  • Set a budget – assign a volunteer to research government and foundation grants available to playground projects.

  • Set a fundraising plan for your budget that includes contacting potential business, civic and media sponsors.

  • Assign a volunteer to work on the publicity plan to mobilize the community around your work.

  • Hold a playground design day for your community and be sure to include children in the design process.

  • Select safe, IPEMA-certified equipment and surfacing for the playground.